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Download a free demo version
of BeadEnCounter below.

Try it for as long as you like.

Then come back and buy!

This program is a wonderful assistant for managing inventory and pricing! Love it!"
- S. Small
Topeka KS.

BeadEnCounter Demo for Windows

BeadEnCounter Demo for Mac

BeadEnCounter runs natively on both Windows and Mac operating systems.
We support Windows XP, Vista, and Windows 7 and above.

On the Mac, OSX 10.5 and above are supported.

Demo versions are limited in records that will be saved, and have a large DEMO VERSION label on each screen.

The demo versions come with sample data to show how to enter and use data in BeadEnCounter.

You are free to remove the sample data or to overwrite the existing data. Enter your own inventory and finished work to test pricing calculations.

Only 15 inventory items and 5 finished work items will be saved, but otherwise the demo version functions exactly the same as the full version.

When you
purchase BeadEnCounter, you'll remove the demo files and start fresh with the full version.

© 2011 Lynn Allen